Motorola - Aura Diamond Edition

Aura Diamond Edition

26 October 2009

141 grams


The Aura Diamond Edition, featured 30 diamonds embedded above and below its sapphire crystal screen and four diamonds integrated into its navigation buttons. It cost £3500 / €3800 / US$5700. It was a variant of the Motorola Aura that was notable for its premium design, in particular its metal casing and 2.8-inch circular OLED screen.  The Aura ran on the Linux-based Motorola A-series platform and was equipped with a 2.0 MP camera, GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, and a microSD card slot for expanding the device's storage. It also featured a unique interface called the "CrystalTalk" system, which used advanced noise reduction technology to enhance call quality. Overall, the Motorola Aura was extremely well received by consumers and critics for its premium design, advanced features, and decent camera. However, it was considered to be a niche product due to its high price point and this limited its market appeal.