Qualcomm - QCP-860


25 January 1999

120 grams


The QCP-860 was an 800 MHz dual-mode CDMA digital and analog cellular phone that was branded as the “Qualcomm Thin Phone”. It was announced at the same time as the QCP-1960. These devices were Qualcomm’s fourth generation of CDMA digital wireless phones. The phone had an ultra-thin design with an internal battery and hot-swappable external battery options to supplement the internal battery without interrupting conversations or data transfer. Qualcomm claimed both models supported “state-of-the-art phone, pager, voice-mail and data transfer features.” At it's launch Qualcomm’s President of Consumer Products, Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, declared that "'Thin is in' for consumer electronics in 1999”. The new Qualcomm Thin Phone featured a five-line, backlit LCD display and had two smart keys just below the display that enabled easy navigation through the user interface menu options, including a customizable phone book with 99 memory storage locations. The phone also included 8 kbps and 13 kbps vocoders, as well as newly available Enhanced Variable Rate Vocoders (EVRC) which supported increased network capacity for carriers while maintaining maximum voice quality for their customers. Data connectivity to a PC was available through an optional data cable, which allows users to download phone book information from their PC, or any device connected to it, including a variety of personal digital assistants (PDAs), to the Qualcomm Thin Phone's internal phone book memory. The Qualcomm Thin Phone also supported the latest generation of wireless micro browsers which offered rudimentary Internet access.