14 February 2002

83 grams



The V70 can be regarded as the predecessor to Razr V3. It was a testament to Motorola’s skill in mechanical engineering, but it was also let down by its poor user interface. The phone’s success laid the groundwork for development and approval to proceed with the Razr. It featured blue electro-luminescent 'MotoGlo' lighting, a translucent housing and a black screen display with white-styled fonts. The V70 sold 800,000 units which was the break-even point for the product. However, this more than paid for itself in the publicity in garnered from celebrities being photographed using it. It was on that back of this that, despite low sales estimates, the Razr got through the Motorola’s exhaustive product development process called M-gates. The phone was originally specified with a round display, but the inflexibility of the software on the device meant the V70 was eventually sold with a standard rectangular screen.