23. 01. 2023

Sea Cubs Phone Up the Past

by Matt Chatterley

Will and I were recently invited to the 2nd St Ives Sea Cubs in Cambridgeshire. It was an excellent opportunity for us to share the Mobile Phone Museum’s “Fantastic Phones” workshop. With my experience in the mobile industry and Will’s experience as a Scout Leader, we followed the timeline of the mobile phone from Martin Cooper’s first mobile phone call with a Motorola phone in New York in 1973 up to Steve Jobs’ unveiling the Apple iPhone in 2007.

The Cubs got hands-on with some highlights from the Mobile Phone Museum collection, including the Motorola 5000X, Orbitel 901, Nokia 9000 Communicator, Nokia 8110, Siemens SK65 and Motorola V70.

One of the Cubs holding the Motorola 5000X

After learning about the collection, the Cubs designed their phone of the future – influences included flexible display technology, longer battery life and the exploration of new input methods.

Thank you to 2nd St Ives for hosting the Mobile Phone Museum. We look forward to giving more workshops in the future.

Sea Cubs Phone Up the Past