Most Wanted

We have almost 2000 devices in the Mobile Phone Museum collection, but there are many iconic phones we are still searching for. If you have any interesting devices please get in touch - a few examples of the phones on our wish list below.

No donation is too large or too small. Sometimes people send us one or two phones, and occasionally we receive whole collections of 100+ phones and related materials.

Any items donated will become the property of the Mobile Phone Museum and are recorded as an unrestricted gift. Items are not returnable after donation. If any items do not fit into our collection for any reason they may be donated to other museums or recycled. Occasionally duplicate items are sold to raise funds for the Museum.

tAG Heuer meridiist

technophone excell pc105t

Ericsson GS88

Nokia 7705

Samsung SPH-N270

Motorola Aura

Mobira Senator

NokiA 1011

Ericsson T66

Ericsson t68m Gold

Nokia 6108

Mobira cityman 150

vertu ascent
ferrari gt

benefon ESC!

nokia N950

red hydrogen one

samsung serene