We are delighted to announce that the Mobile Phone Museum has worked in partnership with PK Porthcurno, Museum of Global Communications to launch a new exhibition on the 40-year history of the mobile phone. “Going Mobile” explores the amazing journey of this everyday communication device from an exclusive status symbol, used mainly for voice calls, to the most ubiquitous consumer electronics device on the planet.

“Going Mobile” includes over seventy of the most iconic phones and objects selected from the Mobile Phone Museum’s extraordinary collection of over 2700 unique devices. It is the first time that the phones have been on public display as a collection.

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Other highlights include a "pigeon trail" for kids with pictures of key mobile phones placed around the entire museum with fun facts about the phones and a quiz to decipher a Morse code puzzle.

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The exhibition opened on 20 October 2023 and will continue until October 2024. We’d love to welcome anyone visiting Cornwall over the next 12 months. It is a wonderful museum and beautiful location so well worth the effort.

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