01. 06. 2023

A Special Showcase for Vodafone Challenger Live

by Ben Wood

We’ve had a busy start to 2023 and it was a huge pleasure to be invited to exhibit at Vodafone UK’s Challenger Live event at its Newbury HQ in the UK recently. This gave us the chance to meet with over 700 members of the Vodafone UK team and we were overwhelmed by the interest in the selection of mobile phones we were showcasing from our extensive collection. It provided a real trip down memory lane for many of the attendees.

Phone Display 1

We had devices from all eras including large transportable mobile phones from Motorola and Mobira. The very rare Vodafone VP1 – of which only five prototypes were made - also proved popular. This device eventually shipped commercially as the Orbitel Cityfone.

Other phones that always grab people's attention are Nokia’s eclectic mix of fashion-centric phones from the 2000s, including the iconic “lipstick phone”.

It was great to be able to contribute to the event and we continue to be very grateful to the Vodafone UK team for their on-going role as the lead sponsor for the Mobile Phone Museum charity. We look forward to working together on more events in future.

A Special Showcase for Vodafone Challenger Live