School Workshop: From Smoke Signals to Smartphones

Since early history, humans have relied on technology to increase speed and ease of communication. But how did we evolve from smoke signals to smartphones?

This hands-on STEM workshop will take KS2 pupils through the history of communication, focusing on what impact the mobile phone has had on modern history. We’ll explore how devices have evolved and how their functionality has developed over the past 40 years.

During this workshop, children will handle artefacts, identifying basic features and explore why these handsets might have been innovative at the time of launch. They will also have the opportunity to discuss and consider future devices, as well as design their own.


Workshop Objectives

- To understand historical concepts such as continuity and change

- To develop a chronological understanding of communication and how technology has evolved over time

- To generate, develop, model and communicate ideas through discussion and annotated sketches

- To ask and respond to questions about contrasts, connections and trends

Curriculum areas:

- History

- Design & Technology

- Art & Design

- English

To find out more information about this KS2 workshop please email our education team:

Note: We are currently piloting our education programme in the UK and hope to expand it further in future.