Ericsson - R310s
Ericsson - R310s
Ericsson - R310s
Ericsson - R310s
Ericsson - R310s


24 February 2000

170 grams



Ericsson described the R310s as a “tough phone for outdoor performance”. It was an iconic design remembered for its “Shark Fin” antenna which was “moulded in a flexible rubber material to prevent the antenna from being damaged if the phone was dropped”. The phone was water, dust, and shock resistant, and was built around a solid magnesium frame. The design was created for use in “harsh conditions and under any weather conditions.” Ericsson noted that it the R310s was “water resistant and not waterproof” and that it should not be submerged in water. Ericsson believed it was the ideal phone for “people who enjoy endurance sports or who followed pursuits that led them into harsh conditions.” This was in contrast to the Ericsson R250s PRO which was targeted at construction workers and people in similar professions. The phone had an easy-to-use menu which was the same as the Ericsson T28. It was displayed on the R310s’s full graphic display which had space for three rows of text and a line of icons. It also supported voice activated dialling and answering, and a vibrating alert. The voice activated dialling feature supported up to ten different phone numbers. It was offered in four colours: bright orange, nautic blue, aquatic green and peak yellow.


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