Ericsson - T28s


28 January 1999

83 grams



The Ericsson T28s was introduced in 1999 as an ultra small flip phone. The flip plate was activated by a push button on the right hand side of the phone. The phone included a personal phone book that could store up to 99 telephone numbers and associated names in memory with additional storage using the SIM card.  It was possible to personalise the phone by selecting a range of pre-loaded ring tones or by composing your own using the keyboard keys via the My-melody menu. The T28s also offered a vibrating alert, a range of call timers and could send and receive SMS text messages. It also provided a time and date function, alarm clock, stop watch, timer, a basic function calculator and two games, Tetris and Solitaire. Some information courtesy of Nigel Linge & Andy Sutton, the authors of 30 Years of Mobile Phones in the UK (Paid Link)