03. 07. 2022

Nothing to See Here!

by Martin Rowlatt

To coincide with the launch activities of a new, disruptive smartphone from intriguingly named connected device maker Nothing, our founder Ben Wood was interviewed for a "teaser film" that featured on YouTube and other social media channels (see below).

At the time of this blog being posted, the episode had already had over 750,000 views with interest rapidly building in the Nothing venture that has been set up by entrepreneur, Carl Pei. Mr Pei was previously one of the co-founders of smartphone brand OnePlus, some of whose phones are already included in the Mobile Phone Museum collection.

Ben reflected on phone design, the challenges of bringing a new phone to market, and also showcased some of the museum collection including the iconic Nokia N-Gage and the Bosch 509e – which we believe to be one of the first phones to feature a translucent plastic casing. This was important as the Nothing phone (1) has a translucent back cover. We hope the Nothing device will soon become the latest addition to the Mobile Phone Museum collection.