05. 10. 2022

The James Bond Phone Collection

by Ben Wood

So called “James Bond Day” and the 60th anniversary of the first Bond film, Dr No, provided a great opportunity to celebrate the mobile phones featured in the James Bond franchise that are included in the Mobile Phone Museum collection.

A particularly unique item that we are proud to own is the Ericsson JB988 which were lucky enough to have made by the talented team at Phase Two Design.

This fictional creation is famous for folding open and transforming into a touch pad remote control that allowed James Bond to drive his BMW 750iL from the back seat of the car. Additional features included a fingerprint scanner, lock pick and a 20,000 volt taser.

We believe this is the first JB988 to include all the movie features at the original size, as seen in the film.

The museum also has an extensive collection of mobile phones featured in the James Bond films can be found here. The vast majority of devices were made by Sony Ericsson but there are also phones from Ericsson, HMD Global (Nokia Mobile), Samsung and Sony with some of the details of which films they featured in.

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