21 March 2001

85 grams



The Ericsson T68m, more commonly known as the T68, was revealed at the CeBIT exhibition in Hanover, Germany in March 2001. The T68 was the last phone marketed using the Ericsson brand. It was nonetheless the first Ericsson phone to have a colour display and the first with an integrated antenna. At the time, its 256 colour screen with a resolution of 101 x 80 pixels made it a revolutionary device. In addition The T68 offered tri-band support (900, 1800 and 1900MHz), GPRS and (featuring the WAP 1.1 browser) as well as having built­-in Bluetooth and an infrared port. It featured the Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS), which allowed pictures and audio to be sent to other mobile phones. The EMS standard ultimately did not succeed and was later replaced by the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). It was possible to create basic pictures on the T68 using an image editor. Users would move the cursor around the screen and select individual pixels to create a picture. The T68 also featured the popular Tetris game. The T68 also had an innovative smart accessory, the CHA-10 Chatboard. This plugged into the port at the bottom of the phone and made typing text messages and emails easier. If you wanted to type messages directly on the phone’s keypad you were able to use Tegic’s T9 predictive text software. When it was launched, Ericsson's marketing director, Bo Albertson was gushing stating that “the T68 incorporates all the technologies that the industry is going wild for at the moment.”  The model in the Mobile Phone Museum collection is the two-tone grey design. There was also an all-gold variant (if you have one you’d like to donate we’d love to hear from you).