Sony Ericsson

5 March 2002

84 grams



The T68i built on the success of the Ericsson T68m (which was widely referred to as the T68). The T68i was the first Sony Ericsson branded mobile phone following the announcement of the Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications joint venture in October 2001. The T68i had an updated blue and white/silver design and a software upgrade, although the Tetris game which had been included on the original Ericsson T68 was no longer available. The T68i was also notable for its clip-on camera, the MCA-20 CommuniCam. This was initially offered as an additional accessory costing £99 but included as a free bundle as the T68i neared the end of its production run. The MCA-20 CommuniCam featured a 24-bit colour VGA sensor (640 x 480 pixels) and could store 14 images at full resolution and just over 200 smaller (80 x 60 pixel) images. It took approximately 10 seconds to store a picture on the camera and about 30 seconds to transfer it to the phone’s memory. A further claim to fame for the Sony Ericsson T68i is that it was the first commercially available mobile phone to feature in the James Bond movies, appearing in Die Another Day (2002) and used as a disguised bomb by Jinx, played by Halle Berry.  The Sony Ericsson P800 also appeared in this movie.

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