StarTAC 130


95 grams


Introduced in 1998, the StarTAC 130 was a size and weight reduced version of the StarTAC 80. The major differences between the StarTAC 80 and the StarTAC 130 were the removal of the full size (1FF) SIM card and the use of a Mini SIM (2FF) card which allowed the phone to be 4mm thinner and reduced the width by 2mm. This also allowed the phone to be lighter by 17 grams. This weight reduction was a key goal for Motorola as it had prided itself on having the lightest portable phones on the market since the introduction of the Analogue MicroTAC in 1989, and had lost that position with the introduction of the Philips Genie in 1997. In addition to the size and weight changes, the keypad layout was redesigned to have more in common with the US StarTAC models.