Nokia - Lumia 710

Lumia 710

26 October 2011

126 grams



The Lumia 710 (model number RM-803) was the one of the first Nokia smartphones powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. It was an unexpected second Windows Phone device to be unveiled by Nokia at the Nokia World event in London at the same time as Lumia 800. When it was announced it was the cheapest Windows Phone device from a tier-one manufacturer. At 1300 mAh it had one of the lowest-capacity batteries when compared with similar smartphones. It came in a variety of colour variants. The front of the device was either black or white, and detachable rear covers came in blue (cyan), pink, yellow, black or white. The phone was initially offered in Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan. The model in the Museum collection has a blue (cyan) cover.