Nokia - 9210 Communicator

9210 Communicator

21 November 2000

244 grams



The Nokia 9210 Communicator was the third device in the Communicator series, replacing the Nokia 9110 Communicator. It was notable for its colour screen and being the first of the Communicator device to use the Symbian operating system combined with Nokia’s Series 80 user interface. It was a highly popular device amongst business users given its ability to offer email services, send and receive faxes, its speaker phone capability as well as a wide range of other applications. The qwerty keyboard layout was a significant update to the 9110 Communicator making typing easier than ever. An upgraded version of the device, the 9210i Communicator, was offered in March 2002 offering a larger 40MB internal memory as well as support for Flash in the browser and video streaming capabilities. It also had an upgraded screen that used LED technology. The codename for the device was derived from the Helsinki-born violinst Linda Lampenius. In addition to be a highly accomplished violinist, she also had a successful modelling career and was featured in many magazines including Esquire, GQ and Playboy. She attended the internal launch event for the Nokia 9210.