Samsung - Z720


27 December 2006

80 grams


The Samsung Z720 (model number: SGH-Z720) - also known as the Ultra Edition 13.8 - was the thinnest 3G HSDPA in the world (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) slider mobile phone when it was unveiled. It had a profile of just 13.8mm and weighed a mere 80g making it one of the most compact lightweight slider phones at the time - a real testament to Samsung's engineering prowess. A unique feature of the phone was Samsung's uGo interface. This automatically responded to the user's environment and displayed a city landmark of where the user was located, adjusted the picture to represent day or night, and adjusted the time to reflect the user's location automatically. The phone also had a new security feature called uTrack.  This sent an SMS message to a predetermined number to alert the user of changes in the device’s SIM card, as well as the location to increase the chances of recovering a lost or stolen phone. In addition, the Z720 was the first mobile handset from Samsung with Google mobile search and Gmail pre-installed. It included a Google icon in the application menu, offering one-click access to Google search. The variant in the Mobile Phone Museum is the Z720V - a branded version for Vodafone.