Microsoft - Surface Duo 2

Surface Duo 2

22 September 2021

284 grams



The Surface Duo 2 was the successor to the original Surface Duo, but aimed at a wider market, now including consumers. The dual-screen 360-degree hinged design remained, but now included NFC (for contactless payments), a triple camera, upgraded internals, rudimentary waterproofing, and stereo speakers. The result was eagerly received by enthusiasts, not least because the Duo launcher and concept had received a full year of updates when the Duo 2 launched, with Android 11, but updated in 2022 to Android 12L. Most reviewers too finally ‘got’ the Duo concept, with the new baseline that this could actually be a primary phone rather than just a ‘companion’ device. The addition of the triple camera ‘bump’ on the back did mean that the wrap-around feature (phone mode) wasn’t completely possible, but Microsoft partially fixed this by (uniquely) bevelling the camera glass so that it matched the incoming glass back. As with the original Surface Duo, the flexibility of the form factor (dual screen ‘book’ mode, ‘laptop’ mode, ‘tent’ mode, phone mode) was a truly unique selling point and the Duo 2 found plenty of enthusiast fans. Google’s adaptation of Android and its core applications to run well (with UI ‘panes’) on tablets and foldables inadvertently also helped Duo 2 owner. The Surface Duo 2 hardware and software was well executed by Microsoft but there was, crucially, no marketing around the device at all, not even in the company’s native USA. As a result, sales were low enough that there may not be a Duo 3 (at the time of writing), either in dual-screen or folding-screen form.


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