Siemens - SL45


February 2001

88 grams


The SL45 was a high-end phone with an extremely attractive design. In addition to standard phone functions, it was also one of the first to have an integrated MP3 player. At the time this was a revolutionary feature. It could play up to 45 minutes of music which was stored on the built-in 32 MB Siemens-branded Hitachi MultiMediaCard. The phone also came with a sync cradle and headphones. Notably, the Samsung M100 was the first phone with an integrated MP3 player, not the SL45 as sometimes reported. Other features included a digital voice recorder, WAP browser, address book and currency converter. Siemens wanted to position the phone as a desirable product and seeded the phone with a number of "style leader" celebrities at an exclusive London Fashion Week after-show party. This was so successful that other celebrities, including Madonna and Guy Ritchie, requested an SL45 from Siemens. The interest in the phone was huge and UK tech magazine T3 described the phone as being "better than sex" going on to note: "Forget Nokia, forget GPRS, the best thing in the world is the sexy and tiny Siemens SL45".