19 March 1999

135 grams


The Philips Savvy (model number: TCD128) was released in 1999. It was marketed as being light and small and suited to being "taken from home and out to play". Philips also claimed the Savvy was designed with fun in mind with different colour combinations such as a yellow cover with black insert and a green cover with dark green insert. The upper part of the keypad was dominated by a large circular key that was used to navigate the menu and select options. The Philips Savvy had a monochrome screen that could display 2 lines of 15 characters with an additional line of fixed icons and a small graphic area in which items such as an animated clock could be displayed . The phone book could store telephone numbers with associated names on the SIM card with speed dialling available on eight entries using the keypad keys 2 to 9. A call register monitored the last 20 dialled, missed or received calls and timers recorded the duration of the most recent call together with a cumulative total. Further levels of personalisation were available with the option of choosing one from a selection of 20 pre-loaded ringtones and by using Philips' emotion icons such as a smiley face, frown or love hearts when sending and receiving SMS text messages.  The Savvy also included a clock with alarm, calculator, biorhythm calendar and stop watch. It also featured ia biorhythm calendar game that predicted "love, energy and success levels".  Some information courtesy of Nigel Linge & Andy Sutton, the authors of 30 Years of Mobile Phones in the UK (Paid Link)