14 September 2010

176 grams



When Nokia announced the E7 at its annual Nokia World event in 2010, it was described as "the ultimate business smartphone". In some eyes it is regarded as the last of Nokia's Communicator line but it was never officially called that by the company. The E7 shared a smilar design to the Nokia N8 but with the addition of a slide-out four-row qwerty keyboard. Impressively, the E7 was only 0.7mm thicker than the N8. Although a neat concept, the sliding mechanism proved difficult to open for some and was prone to flying out of a user's hands when they tried to open it. At the launch event, a Nokia executive said the E7 and other phones announced at the same time signalled the company's “fight back to smartphone leadership" but this proved to be wishful thinking. Although the E7's innovative design initially got good reviews, it was ultimately let down by the aging Symbian operating system. Coming at a time when Nokia had made the decision to partner with Microsoft and adopt Windows Phone for its future high-end smartphones, the E7 never really had a credible future. The phone came in five colours: dark grey, silver white, green, blue and orange. When it was released it was priced at €495.