6 September 2002

130 grams



The Nokia 3650’s radical design makes it one of the company's more memorable phones. Its iconic circular keypad, inspired by an old rotary dial phone, was an interesting concept but in reality turned out to be unpopular and highly impractical, particularly for text messaging. Nokia eventually acknowledged this, releasing the Nokia 3660 which featured a more traditional keypad. It was Nokia’s second phone based on the Symbian operating system and used the Series 60 user interface. It also addressed the shortcoming of its predecessor, the Nokia 7650 with the inclusion of the Bluetooth Audio Profile which allowed a wireless headset to be connected to the device. Like the Nokia 7650, it had 0.3 megapixel VGA camera and 2.1-inch 4,096 colour display. In addition to being able to take photographs, it was also possible to capture short video clips of up to 15 seconds with a file size of just 96 kilobytes. However, there was no sound captured with the video clips.

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