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Nokia - 3310
Nokia - 3310
Nokia - 3310
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The Nokia 3310 was introduced in 2000 as a replacement for the hugely successful Nokia 3210. It had a monochrome graphical screen that could display five lines and incorporated a screen saver. The Nokia 3310 phone book could store 250 telephone numbers and associated names. A specific ring tone could also be assigned to phone book entries and speed dialling was provided for nine entries using the 1-9 keys. Additionally, voice dialling was supported with up to eight entries being able to be activated through a voice tag. Menu access was enabled through Nokia's Navi key, which was first introduced on the Nokia 3110. In addition to a range of pre-loaded ringtones, owners could create their own using a composer function. The Nokia 3310 provided full SMS text messaging, including the use of T9 predictive text and the ability to handle basic graphic picture messaging. In addition, a range of message templates were included to facilitate the rapid creation of common message types and support for a smiley icon was also included. It was also the first mobile phone with a unique chat function, which allows users to have a conversation, similar to the chat services on the Internet, with other 3310 owners just by using short messages. This seems obvious now, but was revolutionary at the time. The call logs were able to record the ten most recent missed and received calls, and the last twenty dialled calls. A set of call timers recorded the duration of calls as well as cumulative totals. Other features included an extended range of functions comprising a calculator, clock with alarm, calendar, stopwatch, countdown timer and a reminder function that could display short text messages at pre-defined times. Four games were also included on the 3310: Snake II, Space Impact, Bantumi and Pairs II. Owners could also personalise their phone using Nokia's Xpress-on changeable covers. The Nokia 3310 was also an incredibly successful mobile phone with 126 million being sold.  Some information courtesy of Nigel Linge & Andy Sutton, the authors of 30 Years of Mobile Phones in the UK (Paid Link)

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