Sony Ericsson - Naite

Sony Ericsson

4 June 2009

84 grams



In June 2009, Sony Ericsson launched the GreenHeart programme offering products with a focus on sustainable innovation. This was a revolutionary project that was ahead of its time delivering breakthrough features such as a reduction of the CO² footprint of the phones being offered by 15 percent. One of the first products to be launched was the Naite phone (model number: J105). This included an electronic, in-phone manual to replace the standard paper version, saving over 90% in paper and reducing the environmental impact of transporting the final product through more compact packaging. The Naite included an Ecomate application that helped users make greener choices in their everyday life as well as a carbon footprint calculator to show them how much CO2 they were saving when walking instead of taking the car. It was launched at the same time as the C901 GreenHeart phone and the MH300 GreenHeart headset, one of the greenest headsets available at the time. This was made up of 100 percent recycled plastics in 4 out of 5 hard plastic parts, far exceeding legal environmental requirements at the time. Both new GreenHeart phones built on Sony Ericsson's longstanding commitment to eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals from the product design and manufacturing process. Sony Ericsson planned to use the product innovations in its new GreenHeart range to 'green' its full product portfolio with the aim of setting a new benchmark in sustainability for the entire mobile phone industry. At the launch of the GreenHeart initiative, Sony Ericsson was supported by network operators Telefonica O2 in the UK and TeliaSonera in Sweden. Sony Ericsson also had a global take-back programme which had been in operation since 2007. This allowed consumers to send back used mobile phones in an effort to ensure they did not end up in landfills but were instead sent to specialised mobile phone recycling centres. Sony Ericsson launched further GreenHeart phones in 2009 with the Elm and Hazel models and in 2010 with the Aspen and Cedar phones.