One2One - M300


7 September 1993

348 grams


The m300 (manufactured by Motorola) was one of two launch handsets for the Mercury one2one digital network when it was launched in 1993. The other device was the larger and heavier Siemens-manufactured one2one M200. Mercury one2one was not only the UK’s first DCS1800 network; it was in fact the world’s first network to launch an operational service in this frequency band. Mercury had approached design consultancy IDEO to develop a mobile that would have a unique appearance, be offered at low cost, be easy to use and have mass appeal. The design was subsequently manufactured by Motorola as the m300, however it bore a remarkable similarity to the Motorola International 5200. It was a flip design and had a retractable aerial. It also exposed three blue keys and featured both the one2one and Mercury logos. The M300 was a single band GSM 1800MHz device. When it was launched it cost £300 ($400).


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