dTOOR - Cyrcle Phone 4G Prototype

Cyrcle Phone 4G Prototype

7 January 2020


This is an extremely rare example of the prototype 4G variant of The Cyrcle Phone that was showcased at the CES show held in Las Vegas in 2020. The project received extensive media coverage at the time. Some relevant videos are included below. The company name, dTOOR stands for "Designed The Opposite of Rectangle" and its slogan is "non-rectangular phones for non-rectangular people". The device is a smartphone with 4G LTE support, Android 10, and dual SIM support. The company claimed the phone had everything users would expect from a rectangular Android mobile phone including a 13-megapixel selfie camera, an open-source enclosure, and NFC circuitry. The phone also included a temperature sensor. Its software supported a feature called Freeform Mode allowing users to reduce application window sizes to be smaller than the round display or to enlarge them to be able to focus on the content. In August 2021, the company launched its Kickstarter campaign for the commercial version of this phone meeting its 60-day goal of $10,000 in just 60 hours. Cyrcle Phone