Orbitel - 907 Data

907 Data


215 grams


The Orbitel 907 Data was a breakthrough device that was the first to have integrated mobile data support. Previously users had been required to attach their mobile phone via a PCMCIA data card to provide data and fax connectivity. Rather than using a PCMCIA data card, the 907 Data had a cable that plugged into the phone and connected directly to a laptop computer via an RS232 connector. This capability saw the company marketing the phone as "the business tool for today - and the future." It also described it as offering "the utmost sophistication with its small, slim and light designed that fitted comfortably into a hand or pocket." Like it's sister product, the Orbitel 905, it featured a four-line 48 character back-lit display. In April 1996 Ericsson (which already owned 50 percent of Orbitel) acquired the 50 percent it did not own from Vodafone and the Orbitel 907 was rebranded as the Ericsson GS 18 which was launched at the CeBIT show in March 1997.