Motorola - 4800X Partner

4800X Partner


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The Motorola 4800X Partner transportable mobile phone (model number: S1551A) became available in 1990 for use on the 1G Analogue ETACS networks. It was an enhancement to the earlier Motorola 4800X model. It featured an LCD display and a slightly expanded keypad. The standard 12-key numeric keypad was supplemented by the special keys of PWR, FCN, SND, and END as per the Motorola 4500X. Additionally, the 4800X offered RCL which allowed users to recall and display telephone numbers that had been stored in memory. Some versions of the 4800X included a MUTE button as per the 4500X model however, the version shown here instead has a LOCK key, a function that had previously been accessed by typing FCN 5. A speaker and ringer volume control button was provided on the side of the handset. There was also an address book that could store up to 50 telephone numbers and associated names with speed dial access. The phone had a battery life that offered 75 minutes talk time and 14 hours standby time. It was manufactured in the UK. Information courtesy of Nigel Linge & Andy Sutton, the authors of 30 Years of Mobile Phones in the UK