Nokia - 2310
Nokia - 2310
Nokia - 2310
Nokia - 2310
Nokia - 2310


30 March 2006

85 grams



The 2310 was launched at a Nokia event in Chongqing, China. This city, in the heart of China, was selected as a statement of intent by Nokia to “reinforce its commitment and strategy to bringing the benefits of mobility to consumers in new growth markets.” It was announced at the same time as the Nokia 1112 and Nokia 2610 Nokia stated at the time that the 2310 was designed for consumers “with a mind for fashion and music”. The phone had a dedicated short-cut key to activate its built-in FM radio which featured "sound visualization" - graphics that moved in sync with the music. The phone also offered polyphonic and MP3-grade ring tones. It also targeted “text-intensive consumers” with the inclusion of an SMS editor to avoid messages being accidentally deleted, speed dial for SMS sending and the ability to create distribution lists for creating and managing personal contact lists. At launch is cost €65.


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