Mobile Phone Museum

The Mobile Phone Museum project was conceived by Ben Wood in 2004. In 2019 he joined forces with fellow mobile phone collector, Matt Chatterley and a year later added a few extra team members to support the development of the project.

The collection currently comprises nearly 2000 individual models from over 100 different manufacturers and there are over 3000 devices in total when duplicates are included.

In recent years, as a result of the marketing efforts by the curators and their wide network of contacts in the mobile industry, more devices have been donated and this flow of new devices continues on an almost daily basis.

When a device is donated, it is catalogued, labelled and added to the archive. An up-to-date list of devices in the collection can be found here.

The team has successfully incorporated the Mobile Phone Museum Limited, a not-for-profit entity, to safeguard this important collection of mobile technology heritage and help fund further growth. We are also Institutional Members of the Museums Association.

A brand identity for the Mobile Phone Museum and design for a comprehensive website has been completed and the website is now being built (this is temporary website).

We also hope to have pop-up exhibitions in future, although all plans in this regard are on hold at present due to the challenges around the coronavirus pandemic.

If you have any devices you would like to donate we’d love to hear from you.