31. 05. 2022

Mobile Phones: The Antiques of the Future?

by Will Wood

As interest in the Mobile Phone Museum project continues to grow, the team was delighted to have its founder, Ben Wood, appear on Channel 5. This is the UK’s third largest commercial channel, which is owned by ViacomCBS Networks International. The channel claims an audience reach of 40 million viewers every month.

Some of the museum’s collection was featured as part of an “antiques of the future” slot. Ben discussed the growing interest in vintage mobile phones from the last 35 years and the upwards trend in prices of particularly rare and iconic models.

For those in the UK, the show will be available on demand until 22 November 2026 and the segment featuring the Mobile Phone Museum can be found at 30 mins and 33 seconds.

If you are a media company interested in historic mobile phones or antiques of the future and would like to feature our colletion or spokespeople, please contact the Mobile Phone Museum team on media@mobilephonemuseum.com